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The Omni-Pillow

A pillow that has raised over $160,000 ($150,000 over target) over on Kickstarter must surely be worth a look! I’ve never really got on with the ubiquitous neck pillows when flying but thought this might be worth a punt.

This memory foam travel pillow offers us three forms:

  1. Neck Pillow — The classic wrap-around the neck option. When in this mode there are also convenient pockets for your phone and a neat way of routing your headphone cable so it doesn’t get in the way. Finally there are “blanket catchers” to keep you snug!
  2. Double Pillow — A folded in two option. Perhaps ideal for times when you want to lean your head against a window.
  3. The Topper — Designed to be placed on top of a hotel pillow for added comfort.

I have yet to receive the pillow but it looks stupidly easy to convert and according to the creators packs down to the size of a mango. The shell (i.e. bag) is also water resistant and clips easily to your carry-on should you choose not to pack it directly in your bag.

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