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The Twist+ World Charging Station

I recently wrote about the forthcoming Mu One — “the world’s thinnest 45W international fast charger” that looks ideal for regular travellers.

The One Adaptr Twist+ World Charging Station

The One Adaptr Twist+ World Charging Station

Until that arrives I’ll be keeping the Twist+ World Charging Station in my carry-on. I’ve been using this for a couple of years now and apart from a couple of instances where it’s been impossible to attach the MacBook charger to it due to the position of the plug socket (Thank you GWR!), it’s been an indispensable piece of kit.

The Twist+ cleverly reduces the number of adapters you’ll need by making use of a mechanism which reveals different combinations of pins. There are three formats but one set doubles up for use in Australia and New Zealand.

ABC (Always Be Charging)

The charger also has four USB ports which makes it easy to charge multiple devices at once. If you just want to charge USB then I’d check out the Twist — however, if you are a MacBook user then the Twist+ really comes into its own as you are able to attach a charger to the bottom of the device and simultaneously power, and charge, your laptop.

International Adapters

International Adapters

As mentioned earlier this does make for a bulky object and can cause issues with low positioned sockets, especially in the UK where we use the three-point plug format.

Twist+ with MacBook Charger

Twist+ with MacBook Charger

Choose Your Twist Carefully

There are a number of Twist models and at first glance, it’s not easy to spot the differences. The Twist+ World Adapter Duo looks almost identical to the one I have but is subtly different. It features two USB ports but does allow you to attach a plug to the back of the charger — effectively allowing you to charge your MacBook, 2 USB devices and run power from the socket to A N Other powered object.

Final Thoughts

I’ve found the Twist+ invaluable. My only gripe has been that on some occasions it’s impossible to use due to the position of plug sockets (no fault of the manufacturer), especially in the UK.

To combat this I often pack the international converters for my MacBook charger as I can always charge my iPhone from my laptop. More often than not they stay in the bag but as a fall back it’s a small price to pay.

At the time of writing subscribing to the One Adaptr newsletter will give you 10% off your first order.

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