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Passport GO Travel Adapter

If you’re like me you’ll travel with a bag full of cables, converters, adapters to cover every eventuality (all packed diligently into in my Riut zipped cable bag). Throw in a charger for your laptop and power leads and you’re already adding a KG or two to your back. Wouldn’t it be nice to lighten the load?

The Passport GO Travel Adapter

Enter the Passport GO travel adapter! There are cheaper alternatives aplenty and you’ll find many of them on Amazon but consider this — the Passport GO can charge up to five devices at ones, includes a USB–C port to charge (although not at full speed) your MacBook, is equipped with GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology for more efficient charging, has an auto–resetting fuse, and works in 200 countries. To top it all it ships in two colours, black and white.

The Passport GO is available via Kickstarter and at the time of writing has already funded. Pledges start at $34 USD for a single unit which feels like a great deal.

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