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The Everyman Hideout 5 Way

If you are in the market for a flexible EDC that can be carried in a number of ways, has room for a couple of nights clothing or gym kit, and a smart interior full of pockets for laptop and notebooks then the new Hideout 5 Way by Everyman could be for you.

Everyman produce a range of products for travellers including pillows, dopp kits, tags, wallets and much more. They launched their latest pack on Kickstarter with a modest goal of $5,000 USD which was easily exceeded. At the time of writing it’s been backed by 269 backers and raised over $31,000 USD.

5 Ways

The main selling point of the bag is its flexibility in terms of the way you can carry it — i.e. as a backpack, a messenger bag, a sling pack, a briefcase or as a clutch!

The Everyman Hideout 5 Way Commuter Pack

The Everyman Hideout 5 Way Commuter Pack

Unlike my current EDC the Hideout does look more adept at being a messenger. I’m also quite taken by the idea of using it as a sling pack. Many years ago I owned a Manhattan Portage sling backpack and I always found it a very comfortable way of carrying — especially in the summer months when a double strapped backpack can become quite hot on your back.


Like many packs I review the Hideout opens as a clamshell. I am a big fan of this format as it allows easy packing and also means you don’t have to decant everything on arrival as everything is accessible. This isn’t a big pack (around 16 litres), but from the photos it looks large enough to easily hold a few days worth of clothing and shoes or a regular use gym kit without it bulging at the seams.

The main packing compartment is pretty standard but you can augment with optional extras including compression straps and purpose made packing cubes. I fear I am going to end up with far too many packing cubes in my life as each pack requires it’s own shape and size.

Main Packing Compartment & Backpack Straps

Main Packing Compartment & Backpack Straps

I am really taken by the design of the laptop and everyday essentials section which features a Wooltech, TSA approved suspended laptop sleeve. This means that your laptop is protected from sudden shocks when placing the bag down.

I’ll be honest, I have many bags with TSA approved laptop sleeves but in my experience of travelling to the US, I’ve always been required to remove it from the bag entirely. Hopefully one day this feature will become useful. On the other side from the laptop sleeve, you’ll find pockets ideal for tablets, notebooks, pens, etc.


As well as plenty of internal storage the front of the pack features a large vertical zip pocket for everyday carry items that you need quick access to. Unlike other packs that offer multiple carry methods, the Hideout looks designed to hide every strap not in use. I really like this feature as other packs can appear a little “messy” when in certain modes with straps and buckles hanging out instead of being tidily tucked away.

Backpack Mode & Wooltech Laptop Sleeve

Backpack Mode & Wooltech Laptop Sleeve

Final Thoughts

This all black bag ticks all my aesthetic preferences and looks a neat and versatile pack whether for everyday use or a couple of days on the road. The bag is already funded on Kickstarter and should be in backers hands in December.

It’s worth noting that campaign also offers backers the opportunity to purchase a range of add-ons. I grabbed the compression straps, the packing cubes (small, medium, and large) and the Everyman Gear Tag. I’m looking forward to trying this out in the new year.

Find out more about the Everyman Hideout 5 Way Commuter on Kickstarter.

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