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The Mahabis Classic Backpack

Ed: Mahabis is sadly no longer offering their backpack range. I suspect this is due to the financial issues they experienced in 2018

Both of my children have recently required new backpacks for school. Of course, being their Dad, I am of no use and my recommendations for black unbranded daily carries fell on very deaf ears. If only I’d seen this offering from Mahabis sooner they might have listened!

Larvik light grey, loten navy, and black versions of the Mahabis Backpack

Larvik light grey, loten navy, and black versions of the Classic Backpack by Mahabis

If you are unfamiliar with Mahabis they are famous for reinventing the slipper! In addition to slippers they offer a selection of lifestyle products (notebooks, blankets, and candles), loungewear, and this collection of simple but attractive backpacks.

Side and Front View

Side and Front View

The pack comes in three colours and, somewhat surprisingly for me, I am most drawn to the light grey and navy versions. In a similar vein to the Just Porter Logan Square Backpack these packs also feature a nice contrasting interior colour which definitely helps when locating things in the main compartment. However, it’s worth noting that the black edition is entirely black.

Unlike many of the bags featured on Leader of the Pack, the Mahabis doesn’t feature a pocket for every eventuality &mdhash; no bad thing for a bag of this nature. In addition to the 12-litre main compartment there’s a 15” laptop pocket and a simple zippered front pocket.

Black and loten navy

Black and loten navy

The website informs us that the straps are “deeply padded” and feature adjusters in the standard backpack location. The back of the pack looks meshed which should, in theory, help with keeping your back cool on a hot day. Some of the photos make the pack look somewhat rigid but I think this is simply the staging of the photos. Closer inspection makes me believe that it looks “squishy” but able to keep it’s shape if needed.

Contrasting Interior Linings

Contrasting Interior Linings

I’ve been enjoying the Uniqlo 3 Way over the last few months as my daily work bag but would definitely consider this as a replacement for daily carry usage.

You can learn more and purchase the grey and navy for £39.99 and the black edition for £49.99 direct from the Mahabis web site.

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