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The Standard Luggage Back/Pack Cube

If you are a regular reader you’ll know that I am a big fan of “one-bag travel”. Given that most of my travel backpacks aren’t reallly suitable for everyday use I always tend to pack a secondary carry for the days inbetween arrival and departure. For many years this took the form of a tote bag, my favourite being the Baron Fig, and most recently I have been using the Torguga Setout Packable Daypack as my go-to bag-in-bag.

The Standard Luggage Backpack Packing Cube

Backpack Mode: Front, Side, and Rear

Recently I was lucky enough to try out a new alternative — the Standard Luggage Backpack Packing Cube. Doubling up as both a packing cube designed for their 35 litre Carry-on Backpack and a daily carry backapck Standard Luggage have produced a extremely useful, nicely styled, and very comfortable item.


I won’t dwell on the packing cube angle, suffice to say that it certainly does what it sets out to. It’s a perfect fit for their Carry-on backpack and will keep your clothes secure and in place, as intended. Unlike other packing cubes, the zipper doesn’t extend around the entirety of the pack and as such access is via the top zipper.

However, it really comes into its own as a daypack. If you choose not to use it as a packing cube it is easily stored by stuffing it into itself. Once packed it resembles a large pencil case making it easy to find space in your carry-on to accommodate it.

The pack features a pocket at its base which is ideal for water bottles and quick access items. There’s also an external “lashing patch” and hang loop which comes in handy.

The straps are made from 2” webbing and are extremely comfortable. I’ll admit to being initially sceptical about the straps, given their simplicity, but that extra width makes all the difference and I hardly noticed I was wearing the pack.

The Perfect City Daypack

If your daily carry is extensive then this pack is probably not for you. Its capacity of 8 litres isn’t huge and the packs relatively rigid dimensions mean it won’t expand easily. However, I personally found it absolutely ideal.

The Standard Luggage Backpack Packing Cube

Packing Cube Mode

I managed to fit my 13” laptop (in padded case), a Riut Zipped Cable Bag full of tech accessories, an A5 notebook, a bulky glasses case and a light jacket in without a problem. Given that most of my trips are city based I found the relatively small capacity a bonus as my contents weren’t prone to movement.

It’s also worth mentioning there’s a dedicated internal pocket which is ideal for a tablet.


I really like this pack and can definitely see it forming part of my standard packing list. At $39.00 USD it’s great value and is a strong competitor to other packable bags I’ve reviewed here on Leader of the Pack.

Many thanks to Standard Luggage who kindly provided me with a Backpack Packing Cube for review.

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