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Flotsam & Jetsam Bali Weekender

The Flotsam & Jetsam Bali Weekender looks like a neat clamshell-style bag for, well, a weekend away.

The Bali Weekender bills itself a “multi–functional travel bag that keeps your items organised in a way no other weekend bag can”. Originally only available in olive green they are now accepting pre–orders (including a £15 discount) for a black edition which will start shipping in September 2019.

As well as getting your hands on a useful bag you’ll also be helping the environment with every purchase. Firstly the fabric of the bag is made from 100% recycled plastic, and secondly, 10% of the profits from each bag will be donated to charities cleaning plastic off the world’s beaches.

Having ticked off its impressive environmental credentials let’s consider the bag itself. Whilst not having held the bag in person (I have pre-ordered the black edition) it visually reminds me of the Pakt One duffel.

The Bali Weekender Olive Green

The Bali Weekender Clam Shell Opening &samp; External Pocket

The Pakt One is a considerably more expensive option so perhaps it’s an unfair comparison but both appeal to those who may prefer not to carry their wares on their backs on every occasion or perhaps need a more “formal” style of bag. That said I am confident the Bali Weekender will serve you well regardless of the situation given its capacity.


Internally the Bali Weekender features two large internal compartments designed to keep your clothes neat and tidy. There’s also an easily accessible internal laptop sleeve, as well as three external pockets ideal for travel documents and other on–the–go items.

The Bali Weekender Black

The Bali Weekender Black Edition

According to their website, the bag’s capacity is an impressive 40 litres putting it up there with many of the larger carry–on travel backpacks featured here. Depending on the season I would envisage this being good for 4–7 days on the move.

Externally the bag features canvas handles and detachable straps allowing you to carry it over your shoulder.

Final Thoughts

Overall the Flotsam & Jetsam Bali Weekender seems like a versatile and great value addition to your collection. I’m excited to get my hands on the upcoming black edition and try it out on short work trips. Coupled with a packable daypack it could be the perfect non backpack travel aid.

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