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A blog by a carry–on obsessed frequent flyer with a focus on backpacks, EDC (everyday carry), on-the-go tech, travel hacks, tips, tricks, guides, and more.


Leader of the What?

I’ve loved bags for as long as I can remember and over the years have sought out hard to find messengers, backpacks, and many other associated packing related items. How many packing cubes does a man need? In my case, the answer is “never enough”!

The Pakt One, Nomatic Travel Bag, & Tortuga Setout Daypack

The Pakt One, Nomatic Travel Bag, & Tortuga Setout Daypack

I’ve been trying to post regularly to my personal site in 2018 and most weeks would find myself adding links to a new backpack, duffel, or wallet I’d spotted that week. As is the way of the internet people started to get in touch and kindly offering me review items &mdhash; who was I turn down these kind offers.

Over lunch one day my colleague Cat suggested I should start a blog dedicated to bags, packing, and travel tips. She even came up with the name. Of course, the .com was taken but thanks to the proliferation of top-level-domains I managed to grab the one you see in the address bar today.

Expect to find a wide range of topics covered but with a focus on bags and the things we put in them. You can also follow Leader of the Pack on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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