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The Pakt One

Last November I backed the black Pakt One on Indiegogo. In total it raised $1,703,189 USD which represents 2474% funding — incredible! Shipping permitting The Pakt One should be with backers in the next few weeks.

I normally shy away from shoulder bags but this one caught my eye and looks ideal for short trips. Perhaps I was swayed by the excellent marketing campaign, thanks The Minimalists, but it definitely appears to offer a lot more functionality than your average over the shoulder duffel. I’m also a sucker for a distinct lack of outward branding and it also comes in my favourite luggage colour of black!

Like many other bags featured on here, it opens fully like a more traditional suitcase making packing easy. It also has a number of useful pockets and clips that make accessing essential travel items easy including a special mesh pocket that is TSA compliant for keys and coins when passing through security.

The Pakt One Story

This is a bag with a longer and more interesting backstory than most!

It’s been a long wait but I’m excited to try it out The Pakt One this summer in anger.

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