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A blog by a carry–on obsessed frequent flyer with a focus on backpacks, EDC (everyday carry), on-the-go tech, travel hacks, tips, tricks, guides, and more. Follow Leader of the Pack on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Brands List

July Nine

US made shoulder bags of all sizes with unique roll up approach for packing

(roll-up, totes, small packs, bag-in-bag)

Chrome Industries

US brand famous for their buckles. Bags of all shapes and sizes.

(messenger, travel, sling)


Malcolm Fontier and The Minimalists collaboration

(duffel, travel, indiegogo)

Maison de Beauté Marseille

Manafacturer of the Salisbury Backpack — a modern day backpack, which converts into a classic briefcase with the use of detachable shoulder strap and top handle

(brief, backpack)

Y Bags

London based designers and manafacturers of the Y backpack

(backpack, kickstarter)


Jonah digital worker backpack and other luggage

(backpack, kickstarter)


Australian based manafacturer of travel wallets, totes, backpacks and briefcases

(backpack, tote, wallet, brief)


Backpacks and accessories designed for one bag travellers

(backpack, small packs, bag-in-bag, accessories)


Brightly coloured packs of all sizes

(backpack, small packs, bag-in-bag, accessories)


Packs for travellers, commuters, and photographers

(backpack, duffel, accessories)


Packs for travellers, commuters, and photographers

(backpack, adventure)


Packable adventure travel gear

(backpack, accessories)


Small, packable bags

(backpack, small packs, bag-in-bag)


Huge range of bags including messengers and backpacks for work, leisure, and travel

(backpack, messenger, travel, breif, duffel)


(accessories, travel tech)

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