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2018 Review and Goals for 2019

Is it too late to wish you a Happy 2019? I hope not, so Happy New Year. It’s been way too quiet on the blog for the last few weeks but with good reason. At the end of last year, I decided to move on from my role at Shopify and have recently set up my own business.

Upcoming Bags for Review

Upcoming Bags for Review

With starting the new venture, the Christmas break and trying to ship my new work-related web site I’ve not had the time to get back to regular Leader of the Pack postings. Thankfully I’m close to getting most of the building blocks in place and will now be able to carve out more, much needed, time to write here.

Leader of the Pack in 2018

Being honest, I started this site on a bit of a whim but have come to really enjoy creating the Pack List posts and bag reviews. Despite having been producing content for the web for many years it’s still a long process, but ultimately a satisfying one.

Consistency in writing is hard. I would have liked to do more but overall I’m very happy with 38 posts. I feel my reviews are getting better and hopefully providing value to you.

I purposefully didn’t track visits for the first few months of the site being live. It’s easy to get disheartened by traffic graphs but I am happy to say readership numbers are heading north and the articles are being found, and read, via Google.

I’ve also been delighted by bag companies getting in touch and their willingness to work with a new “blog on the block”.

What’s in Store for 2019?

In terms of content I’ll be carrying on in the same vain and already have three new packs to review:

In addition to reviews, I’ll be tweaking the Pack List slightly. So far I’ve been including five items per issue but I might reduce that to three and post more regularly. Let’s see how it goes.

I’ll be carrying on posting to Instagram with images from the blog and my travels. If you haven’t checked out the feed feel free to stop on by.

I also have a shiny new logo to add to the site courtesy of Mike Kus.

Finally, I’d like to welcome more guest authors to the site. It would be great to get some additional voices and experiences here. If you have a review in you or a travel hack or experience then please get in touch.

Thanks for your support and I look forward to providing more reviews and travel related insights in 2019.

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