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Air France Amenity Kits

Sadly, the glory days of an amenity kit in anything other than “premium” and up have long gone. I never used the red Virgin Atlantic socks you were given in economy but trust me when I say I took the little pack with the pen, eye mask, and miniature toothpaste home with me — it was all part of the experience after all.

The New Air France Amenity Kits

The New Air France Amenity Kits

Air France has recently announced a pair of rather attractive kits for Premium and Business customers. Premium economy customers will receive a tie string bag in blue, or light grey with a lime green string complete with earplugs, toothbrush and toothpaste, a pair of socks, and an eye mask.

The new Business Class “wallet” kits come in four colours — red, navy blue, turquoise blue and aubergine. This pack features a cleansing gel for the hands, a branded micro-fibre wipe, and a pack of three handkerchiefs, Clarins moisturiser, Clarins repair lip balm, dental hygiene kit, night mask, and earplugs.

If you’re quick on exit you might be able to sneak one off, but don’t blame me if you’re caught!

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